Dog Licking Paws Remedies to try at home


Perhaps on more than one occasion you have watched your dog desperately bite his paws and ask yourself what can you do to help my dog, but let’s understand that your dog is probably very itchy and cannot control it. Fortunately, now you can help them with these simple dog licking paws remedies to try at home.


Wound from a thorn or glass
The skin on dogs paws is thin, and because they don’t normally wear shoes or socks to protect their paws, a thorn or glass is likely to get stuck in them. Check carefully between each finger to make sure there is nothing between them and that there is no injury. You can try to get him used to wearing dog shoes, once he gets used to them you will see how comfortable and beautiful your little friend looks.

If they stepped on mud or some substance that has dried and traces of it are left between their toes, they will desperately try to lick their feet to remove it, but sometimes they will not reach the areas where a piece was stuck and it will be necessary to help you.

Dogs can suffer from various diseases that cause pain and cause your dog to lick its paws. For example, cancer and arthritis in dogs cause chronic pain and, like people, dogs have sore bones and joints. You will have to be aware that another part of his body it does not hurt to ensure that your dog does not have a serious illness.

If you notice dog paws red between toes it can be allergies. Allergies in dogs can be from food, pesticides or mold around them. If after applying the home remedies for dogs that we are going to give you, your dog continues to licking his paws, it is likely that it has allergies on its skin and we recommend that you try to change the food. If you have a garden at home, do not apply pesticides that are not safe for pets and always keep the area where your dog sleeps clean.

Anxiety and stress not only cause dogs to lick their paws, as in people, it is the cause of many serious diseases, and even causes respiratory problems in dogs or that they bark a lot. If you notice that your dog is anxious, dedicate a special time to play, take him for a walk a little more than normal and let him know and feel that he is not alone, those three little things make a big difference in them.
You can also buy them some dog treats that contain natural ingredients and a flavor that they will love. These types of snacks are very effective in calming stress and anxiety in dogs, they are really effective and they will love their taste

Dry Skin
Dry and cracked skin causes dog itchy paws, but with our home remedies for dogs, that dry skin will disappear.

Fleas or parasites
If your dog has fleas or mites, it is recommended that you treat him as soon as possible, since it can become complicated and have a large infestation that causes an infection on his skin. There are many effective products that can be safely applied to your dog to eliminate fleas and other parasites. These are easy to apply ampoules that you only have to apply a line from the beginning of your neck to the beginning of the tail. The trunk where the dog’s tail begins is the most common place where fleas and mites lay eggs.
If unfortunately your dog becomes infested with fleas, the best solution will be to buy him a treatment to kill fleas in tablets. There are different brands, but from our own experience and after having tried several products, we recommend Capstar products, since they are very small tablets and they have such an immediate effect that they usually kill fleas in the first dose of pills within the first 30 minutes.

When dogs have allergies or fleas, it is common for all their skin to be irritated, the home remedies that we are going to give you are very effective but they do not have an effect as immediate as some of the products that are on the market. If your dog has skin irritation, we highly recommend that you start by helping him by applying a spray that contains lidocaine for dogs with hydrocortisone for dogs, this solution will also help to reduce inflammation of the skin and reduce irritation.
Once you start applying home remedies for your dog, it will no longer be necessary to buy these solutions, but to start with, it is recommended that you help your dog to stop having pain, burning and itching immediately.

Although it is true that dogs do not bathe every day, if you notice that their paws are very itchy, you can wash them every day. This will help keep them free of toxins and chemicals that they are probably constantly walking through.


Let’s start by preparing a solution with which you can wash your dog’s paws daily.

You will need a large container or saucepan that you can put your dog’s paws in for a period of 5 minutes.
Prepare two liters of chamomile tea. You can boil natural chamomile or use tea envelopes that are sold in the store. When it has boiled for 5 minutes, turn off the stove and let it cool to room temperature. Since it is cold, you will empty it into the container in which you will put your dog’s legs. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar. Let your dog stand on the water and gently stroke her paws to remove any dead cells that have accumulated. Let your dog’s paws soak in the water for a minimum of 5 minutes and when you remove their paws from the water, do not completely dry, just gently press down on the excess moisture and let her stand on a towel. Do not worry if your dog licks his paws with the solution in them, both, vinegar and chamomile are totally consumable and do not harm your dog.

Before washing your dog’s paws with this solution, make sure your dog doesn’t have any wounds on them, as the vinegar could cause more pain.


Try an antiseptic.
Apply an antiseptic on their paws,Povidone Iodine is very effective and you can easily apply it. In half a liter of water dissolve 1/3 cup of Povidone Iodine. Rub each paw of your dog and between his toes for about 3 minutes. Gently pat it dry with a very soft and thin towel to avoid hurting it. After applying it, you can put on some dog socks to make its effect even more lasting and effective. It is recommended to do it twice a day.

Baking Soda
Dilute ½ cup of baking soda in one liter of water. Keep your dog’s paws in this solution for 10 minutes making sure to gently stroke his paws so that your dog remains still throughout this time. Dry their paws gently and repeat this process 2 or 3 times a day. Every time you wash their legs, you have to prepare a new solution, the rest of the solution that you have left you must discard.

After you wash its paws, you can apply honey, as it has properties that promote healing and fight infection.

Another effective product that you can apply to your dog’s legs is extra virgin coconut oil. It contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that repairs tissues and contributes to cellular health.

Vitamin E can also be applied directly. Vitamin E It is sold in capsules that you can easily break and apply to your dog’s legs.

With these care of him, he will feel so comfortable and you will have the feeling that he is being treated at the top paw resort in their own house.


When the skin of dogs is irritated, it is advisable to give them supplements that contain Omega-3. These are fatty acids that help fight dry skin, and other types of irritations that cause itching in dogs.
Bathe him only with dog shampoo. When the dogs have skin problems, oatmeal shampoo is highly recommended for its soothing properties.

Sometimes dog chewing nails and is very important that your dog is always in clean areas, if it is kept inside a house that has a carpet, constantly check its nails so that threads do not accumulate. If he is used to floor or concrete areas outside the house, keep those areas clean by washing them at least once a week with an apple cider vinegar solution. This will also help keep fleas and insects away from your furry little friend.

If after trying these home remedies for dogs that lick their paws you continue to do so, it is best to make an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out any other medical conditions that put your dog’s health at risk.

Hopefully soon you can see your dog happy, calm and relaxed.

If this information has been helpful to you, help us share it with someone who may need help to stop their dogs licking their paws.

See you in the next post. Have a great day and blessings!

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